Talent Management

Spending too much time on personnel issues can cost your organization valuable resources. Auburn Montgomery Outreach can assist with all your talent management needs, including finding the most qualified person to fill a position, ensuring that you’re offering fair and competitive wages, and looking to the future of your organization’s leadership. Our consultants carefully guide your organization through the complexity of many talent management services.

Employment Testing and Validation

It’s critical for organizations to have a successful strategy for identifying, selecting and promoting the most qualified employees. We can assist your organization in implementing  proven methods by selecting the most qualified people using our time-tested employee selection processes.

Designed to comply with federal regulatory guidelines and professional standards, and backed by more than 30 years of experience, our customized selection or promotional tests provide an in-depth analysis of the specific work behaviors, tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities required to be successful on the job in positions within your organization. Our procedures are designed to be valid and legally defensible to minimize your organization’s liability and promote fair and equal employment opportunity.

Auburn Montgomery Outreach consultants are experts in the development and administration of selection or promotional procedures and have helped a wide variety of private and public sector organizations hire and promote employees at every level – from entry-level to skilled technician to executive positions. We can help you select the right person for the job through a proven process.

Classification and Compensation

Whether your organization is large or small, we can help you develop or update your classification and compensation systems. We tailor our approach to your business climate and legal environment. Our methods comply with all regulatory guidelines, relevant case law, professional standards, and best practices. We begin by conducting analyses of current positions in your system. This process takes into account two primary considerations: (1) your employees must be treated fairly and (2) compensation rates should be competitive with those of competitors in similar markets.

Here are some common questions to determine if we can assist your organization.

  • Are positions within your organization properly aligned?
  • Do positions with similar responsibilities, skill requirements, minimum qualifications, and work conditions receive substantially equal compensation?
  • Does your organization have objective processes in place that mitigate risks associated with legal requirements related to compensation?
  • Does your compensation plan promote employee engagement and retention?  

Training and Apprentice Programs

As the workforce begins to shift with many Baby Boomers preparing to retire, now is the time to harness your employees’ knowledge and pass it down to the next generation in your workforce. Is your organization ready to fill the knowledge gaps? Our technical training and apprentice programs can help your organization resolve this issue before it becomes a crisis.

We have comprehensive experience in the design and implementation of short and long-term training programs, including customized programs that are tailored for specific positions within your organization. We can work with your employees and managers to ensure all knowledge and skills required for a position are thoroughly documented and a training methodology is identified and included in the program at the appropriate time. Our apprentice programs range from the development of a training needs template to identify specific areas of importance for a position to the creation of a full multi-year apprenticeship with periodic and final assessments that will ensure full mastery of the material. Programs are designed with this ultimate goal in mind – the success of your employees. Learn more about our process.


"Organizational Consulting of Auburn Montgomery Outreach completed a job analysis and developed promotional testing for our police lieutenant position.  The Project was one of the most positive and morale boosting goals that we have done since I took over as Chief.  It clearly has been a benefit for the Department that we will continue to carry on with in the future.  The work products were of a high quality, and the staff were experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable about their jobs.  They communicated with key members of our organization regularly and established good working relationships with the our police personnel.  They recently completed a similar process with the rank of sergeant, and they are now developing promotional procedures for our corporal rank."

Chief Mark Thompson, Prattville Police Department, Prattville, AL

"The CBED has assisted Alagasco in developing content valid training for all field positions.  These programs contain both skill-based assessments and work behavior assessments that occur throughout these programs.  They range from six months in length for new incumbent training to two years for craft apprenticeship.  These programs have been well-received by employees, union leadership and management.  The development of these programs has helped the company to work through knowledge transfer issues our industry is facing because of an aging workforce.  CBED has done a great job of learning our business and gaining the trust of our people."

Randy Donaldson, Manager of Technical Training, Alagasco, Birmingham, AL