Strategic Planning

Auburn Montgomery Outreach helps leaders of organizations choose the direction for the future through strategic planning. Whether you're part of an organization with many stakeholders or a small unit with only a few people, a systematic planning process can help everyone agree on what it means to successfully achieve your mission and the strategies you will follow to get there.

No one lives in a vacuum; change influences us all. At the outset of a planning session, we consider the following to assist you in planning:

  • The most important factors influencing your ability to achieve your mission
  • Your organization’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Your stakeholders and their expectations

Our process starts with research, and our methods typically include a combination of one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders, surveys, and focus groups. We use the Innovator to facilitate interactive and effective group decision-making. Click here for more information on the Innovator.

Desired Outcomes

People are drawn by a compelling picture of success, rather than pulled by a plan. Through our strategic planning process, we can help your team determine how it will respond to change, recommit to your mission, creatively plan for success, align on strategies, and put plans into action.

We believe the best plans come from leaders and staff members inside the organization. Rather than recommend strategies, we facilitate your team’s choices using The Innovator™, a computer-based tool that enables your team to reach group decisions by ranking and voting on the best options for your organization.

We also lead your team through numerous creative exercises that encourage critical thinking and generate innovative strategies. At the end of the planning process, we summarize your plan in a Strategic Map which is used to guide group actions to implement the plan. Clients describe our Strategic Planning workshops as creative, productive, and fun.

The planning process does not stop with the plan. Your organization’s success depends on how effectively you take action to implement your chosen strategies. We work with your implementation team to help them measure results, consider changes, and celebrate success.

Client Testimonials

"Good Morning Bob, Cathy and Lindsay,

I wanted to give you an update of the Special Programming for Achievement Network (S.P.A.N.) since we completed our workshops with A.U.M. Center for Government.

The Birmingham and Gadsden Programs have moved to new locations. The Birmingham City School system provided a facility and all the in-kind services that we requested and more. That program shares a remodeled school building with the alternative school. The Gadsden Program moved to the old Gadsden High School this past week. The old program building will be demolished.

We have been in discussions with Judge Armstrong in Selma; he has created a one stop program called “Hope Academy”. He wants S.P.A.N. to be housed at this facility, however, we are still in negotiations about the details.

The strategic plans that the A.U.M Team helped us develop are excellent tools and I am holding my team accountable for the implementation of them. We have employed new staff and this has improved moral. As of October 1, 2014, I was able to provide our first salary increase since 2008.

Thank you Cathy, Bob and Lindsay, and the other members of your team that had any interaction with S.P.A.N  during our transitional period. I appreciate you all very much."

--Charles Foley, DYS – SPAN