Grant Evaluation and Support

Many organizations are tasked with solving the problems of citizens, communities, the state, and beyond. Through innovative programs and initiatives, you may be making a positive difference, but the question is how much of a difference? Does your organization know how effective its programs are? More importantly, are you asked to demonstrate the value of your work to others?

If your mission is bigger than your budget, Auburn Montgomery Outreach can provide assistance to find the right grant to fund an existing program or to launch a new initiative. Since 2006, we have helped clients win more than $95 million in grants, and have partnered with many of them to evaluate the programs funded through these grants.

We can help you demonstrate the success of your programs by showing their measurable impact. Together, we will create an evaluation plan that defines key components including goals, inputs, outputs, and outcomes. Using this plan, we will gather and analyze the relevant data, and report the findings. The ability to prove that your programs are “evidence-based” is vital to securing future funding and for energizing and mobilizing stakeholder support for your programs.

Past clients:

  • Alabama Department of Homeland Security
  • Lighthouse Counseling Center’s Kaleidoscope Program
  • The Lighthouse Counseling Center: Evaluation of the Black Belt Coalition Project (federal grant from SAMSHA - Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant) (2013-Present)
  • The Lighthouse Counseling Center: Evaluation of the New Directions program (federal grant from SAMSHA - Substance Abuse Treatment for Racial/Ethnic Minority Women at High Risk for HIV/AIDS) (2013-Present)
  • Alabama Department of Human Resources: Evaluation of a Web-Based Application for Food Assistance (2012)
  • Alabama Department of Youth Services: Evaluation of Specialized Programming for Achievement Networks (2011)
  • Sylacauga Alliance for Family Enhancement
  • One Place Justice Center
  • Alabama Medicaid Agency
  • Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
  • Montgomery Public Schools