Performance Management

Leaders of high performing organizations clearly understand the performance goals needed to fulfill their missions and serve their customers. Performance management is the continuous process of managing the execution of an organization’s strategy to achieve those goals. To manage performance, leaders need identified targets and tools to measure and monitor performance. In working with your organization, we help establish organizational performance standards and measure, monitor, and manage performance.

Performance Management reflects how an organization uses its performance measures to translate goals and plans into desired results. Even in successful systems, goals and standards need periodic evaluation and revision to maintain the latest organizational processes.

Organizational goals are accomplished through the performance of teams of people who work together towards common goals. Leaders can influence the culture and performance of their work units by answering the following questions.

  • Why are we here?
    mission and purpose

  • Where are we going?
    goals and plans

  • How are we doing?
    reporting and feedback using performance measures

  • How can we do better?
    quality improvement

  • What’s in it for us?
    rewards and reinforcement

  • What happens when we need help?

We help an organization’s leaders set up a system that enables them to answer these questions which ensures smart decision-making and quality improvement process in your organization.

Performance Measurement

If an activity cannot be measured, it cannot be controlled. And, if it cannot be controlled, it cannot be managed. Without dependable measurements, intelligent decisions cannot be made. Performance measurement is an integral part of performance management.

Performance measurement is primarily managing outcome, and one of its main purposes is to reduce or eliminate overall variation in the work process. The goal is to arrive at sound decisions about actions affecting the process and its output. Working together with your organization, we help develop the skills, models, and systems to:

  • Identify and evaluate work process flow
  • Establish performance goals or standards
  • Establish performance indicators
  • Collect data
  • Analyze and report actual performance
  • Compare actual performance to goals
  • Make suggestions for improvements