Organizational Analysis

Aligning your organization for maximum efficiency is critical to be competitive in your industry. Are you consistently dealing with issues that get your organization out of alignment? Auburn Montgomery Outreach assists organizations in identifying desired changes necessary to improve performance.

Our Organizational Analysis service applies a customized approach to identifying problem areas and their causes within your organization. The systematic approach may include interviews, focus groups, and surveys through which we can gather information and provide an objective view of your organization to help you make adjustments, where needed.

Common types of organizational analysis include the following services.

  • Training needs assessment
  • Workflow analysis
  • Performance analysis

We work collaboratively with clients to develop an efficient structure, define optimal staffing allocations, identify training needs, and recommend how organizations can maximize service delivery to their own customers. An organizational analysis promotes clearly defined expectations from the start to empower your employees. This solution results in an organizational structure with fewer workflow bottlenecks and enhanced information exchange.