Economic and Demographic Analysis

Auburn Montgomery Outreach applies objective economic, demographic and statistical research methods to complex issues facing public, private and non-profit organizations. Our services include economic analysis, demographic analysis, survey research, statistical data analysis and forecasting.

Economic Impact Analysis

Knowing the economic impact of your current or potential projects, and effectively communicating that to key stakeholders, is critical. We can project the direct and indirect economic impacts of projects undertaken or under consideration by organizations. We estimate these impacts for you in terms of job creation, labor income and output contribution, and tax revenue generation in local, state and/or national economies.

Economic Effect of Policy Changes

Changes in national, state, or local government policy not only affects citizens, but also influences the way public and private organizations operate and provide services. At Auburn Montgomery Outreach, we use rigorous research and analysis to estimate the potential consequences of proposed policies, as well as to evaluate the aftermath of implemented policy changes after the fact. 

Demographic Analysis

Awareness of demographic changes, and the causes and consequences of the changes is vital for organizations. This information is important for your organization in understanding the extent of existing markets or the feasibility of market potential. We collect relevant data on state and local populations from a variety of sources, summarize and analyze the data, and disseminate crucial demographic information to facilitate better planning and program development.

Survey Consulting

It is often necessary for organizations to collect data through surveys in order to find answers to specific questions. We can evaluate your data needs and help you in designing the appropriate survey; developing survey tools; administering web, mail or personal interview surveys; and analyzing and reporting the collected data.

Statistical Data Analysis

We apply the most current and appropriate analytical tools to answer your most critical questions. We can help you tackle problems that lie beyond simple analytical tools. Our experts provide guidance, interpretation and forecasting to assist you in making informed decisions based on available data.